keep clam.

Clam digging on the Washington Coast

You guys…the Washington Coast. My FAVORITE place to be in this entire world (as you can tell by the photo above.) We had hearts set on NYE down there since before the wedding. Dec. 31 is always a tad boring in town so we gathered up our nearest and dearest to make the trek to Pacific Beach. Where else can you party in sweat pants AND have it be totally acceptable? Duh.

Our caravan included 9 people and 3 happy dogs, 2 extra aerobeds and enough snacks to last 3 weeks. We had some newbies join us and I was more than happy to show them the awesomeness that is PB. I think they liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

We spent one sunny and two rainy days at our rental – cookin’ up delicious eats, day drinking and most importantly digging razor clams. And yes, I dug in a tee shirt. You know clamming is good when all you need are waders and a tee. Oh and the goddess gun. Watch out clams!

Going through maj vacation/beach withdraws this week. Where are my endless games of RISK and bottomless BLs? And this whole getting up before 10am thing? Weird stuff I tell yah. Man, these next few months are going to be rough. No long weekends, no holidays…just a whole lotta work. I’m just going to go cry in a corner for a little bit.

Clam digging on the Washington Coast
Clam digging on the Washington Coast
Clam digging on the Washington Coast
Clam digging on the Washington Coast
Clam digging on the Washington Coast
Duffy's Restaurant, Aberdeen Washington

honeymoon highlights 2

So Mo Bay wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. It was really close to the airport, which is good when you are having to leave town, but bad when you are sitting on the beach trying to relax. After coming off of five days of quiet relaxation, this was a bit of a shock to the system. But then they showed us to our upgraded room and I was a little more OK with things ๐Ÿ™‚ Give me 600 thread sheet counts and a luxury bathroom and this gal will be alright!

Highlights from Montego Bay:

  • Beautiful, deluxe room with gorge bathroom and uber comfy four post bed
  • Private island with cabanas that you can rent
  • Renting said cabana for the day and enjoying private butler service!
  • Lively grounds with exceptional people watching
  • Tubing down the Martha Brae River

Overall, our trip to Jamaica was a wonderful, relaxing ten days. It was the perfect end cap to our wedding celebration. Many thanks to those of you who contributed to our vacation with excursions, meals in town, spa treatments and other romantic touches. It was a trip of a lifetime that won’t be forgotten!

Sandals Resort Montego Bay Jamaica -
A room with a view!


Sandals Resort Montego Bay Jamaica Private Island -
The private island.



Maj activities.


Sandals Resort Montego Bay Jamaica Private Cabana -


Private cabana day!


Martha Brae River Tour Jamaica -
Our tubing guide, Dancer.


Touring the sugar plantation.


All day, every day.

honeymoon highlights 1

I’m going to try and not bore you with a thousand pics of us drinking on the beach (though we did a lot of that!) We spent 10 glorious days in Jamaica honeymooning right after our wedding. We decided to go the all inclusive route to give ourselves a mental break from having to make even more decisions. A wedding was bad enough!

We created a honeymoon registry (which I highly recommend) so we were able to get out of the resort a lot of check out the local scene. I was afraid to stay at one resort for the entire time, I mean, what if the food was horrible or the beach was crappy!? We’d be stuck! So we split up our time between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. I must say, I preferred Ocho Rios over Mo Bay. It had a more laid back vibe and was close to a lot of outdoor activities that we wanted to do.

Other highlights from Ocho Rios:

  • Adults only resort with beautiful, tropical grounds
  • 24 hour room service!
  • Juice bar with fresh smoothies and healthy sandwich wraps
  • Close to a ton of outdoor activities
  • Spa overlooking the ocean
  • A popcorn machine ON THE BEACH = my idea of heaven ๐Ÿ™‚
  • ย Friendly staff!
Couples Resort San Souci Jamaica -
The beach!
Couples Resort San Souci Jamaica spa -
Post massage relaxation.
Getting ready for some water sports!
Glass bottom boat tour.


Couples Resort San Souci pool and bar -
The pool!


Romantic, private dinner on the beach.
Surf ‘n turf baby!


Water bikes!
Cooking classes!
More flora.
Our last day there ๐Ÿ™

bacherlorette bash!

House rental in Leavenworth, WA -
The view from our killer house!
Riverbed shot!
Walking the promenade (more like a trail)
My lovely outfit for the celebration ๐Ÿ™‚
Such good sports!
Bachelorette Party at Oktoberfest in Leavenworth -
All in!
Sisters! Don’t ask me how we go her to wear that redonk wig thing!
Dancing at Oktoberfest in Leavenworth -
Hay chicken dance!
A 30 min. wait.
Meat the size of yer head.

You guys…I was spoiled filthy rotten on my bachelorette party weekend. I can’t thank my gal pals enough! It was too much! We spent a long weekend across ye ole pass in Leavenworth, Wash. I’ve passed through this quaint town many times on my way to camping in Eastern Washington but never had taken the time to really explore it. And I mean, exploring it during the month of October seemed like a good idea too – hello Octoberfest!!!

The gals snagged a bomb house on the eastside of town and we bellied up to a weekend of trinket shops, beer and funny outfits. Man, just the people watching alone was grand! We spent our leisure time scouring the shops, hot tubing, eating at some surprisingly nice restaurants and taking in the sights of the festival. The Chicken Dance? Check. Long line for beer that you can’t even pronounce? Check. Hilarious hats? Check. Large pieces of meat? Check. Overall, a very entertaining time!

A big thanks to my ladies for making this happen! Love you gals!



olympic sculpture park.

Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle -

We had a random free afternoon recenty and decided it was time to visit the SAM Outdoor Sculpture Park. I just wanted to be outside and the Mr. wanted to test out his new camera. Sadly, his camera did not make it through our visit. Something about the lens overheating or what not? Either way, he was MAJ bummed since he’d only owned it for a few short weeks. To the camera fix-it place it goes….womp, womp.

I took these few snaps with ma iphone before the camera crap out happened. Enjoy!

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