After hitting the gym four days in a row this week (go me.), I think I’ve maxed my poor old body out. It’s amazing how much things can change from 18 to 28….my knees creak, my feet can’t seem to move fast enough, stretching becomes a must and cool downs….I can’t forget about those or else my muscles tense up so badly that I can’t walk. Ugh. To be a late-twenty something trying to get back into shape. Fun times.

I’ve got one more class for the week, Body Pump on Saturday morning, then I’m good to go until Monday. I think the gym whirlpool hot tub and steam room will be calling my name after class……Can’t wait to enjoy a little SuperBowl action on Sunday with many beers and cheesy dips. Yum.

Go Saints!


And More Birthday Snaps for My BFF Megan!

Extra special b-day snaps to one of my best gal pals, Megan who was born exactly one week before me. She is one of my partners in crime and we’ve spent endless hours shopping, camping and gossiping. She is one of the most loyal and honest people I know and I love her to death.

Much love Megs on your special day!!!
Photo: Megan and I getting ready to clam dig on the Washington Coast. I think she’s the only gal rockin’ pink boots on the entire beach.

Zumba Zumba

I attended my first Zumba class last night at Gold’s Gym and it was, by far, the most fun I’ve ever had in a group exercise class! I’ve always loved dance/aerobic classes and this one was full of energy and entertainment compared to many that seem to fall a bit flat.

Martha, our instructor who rocked a lime green bandanna, took us through a variety of latin dance steps, twirls and hip shakes and before I knew it I was taking off my hoodie and working up a good sweat! She even incorporated in a belly dancing series that totally worked our abs.

I was proud of myself for picking up most of the steps but my hip shaking could use a bit of work. I also couldn’t quite coordinate my arms and legs at the same time either. At one point, I had to stop looking at myself in the mirror because I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous I looked. Hopefully, the coordination will come with time and I’ll look like a Zumba professional!


Birthday Brunch

In honor of my parent’s birthday week, my grandma always takes the family out to brunch and this year, our rowdy group ended up at Trellis in Kirkland. We’ve been partial to Pallisades’ sumptious brunch buffet the previous few years, but thought we would mix it up and stay close to the Eastside.

The service at Trellis was a bit slow (go figure with 9 people), but the food came out hot and delicious! I had the Salmon Benedict (heavenly.) which was perfect after a rough night at Danny’s. I think I could each poached eggs every day, especially with that rich, tart hollandaise sauce!
Photo: Adam and I are excited for brunch!


Birthday Snaps For My Friend Kiki – 28 To Be Exact

Like I had mentioned previously, January/February is a hot month for birthdays. Today was my friend Kiki’s birthday, celebrated with a trip to our neighborhood bar, Danny’s. Nothing like throwing back a few vodka drinks and enjoying each others company.

AND if you have yet to visit Kiki’s restaurant, Nick’s Grill, in Kirkland, you better get over there ASAP. Best burritos in town!

Photo: Kiki, doing up his best impression of Alan from The Hangover on Halloween. Seriously, he looked exactly like him!

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