IMG_0205Watching: The days slowly ticking down. We are into week 37 and she could make her appearance any day now! Week 35 was a bit of a shock when we found out she was extremely low and settled into my pelvis (-2 station if you will). I was put on limited mobility and spent the following week trying to relax AND worrying that she might be early. Now that we’re past that, it’s back to checking down the days. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s going to be late after all of this drama!

Loving: That my baby daddy took me on a surprise Baby Moon over Labor Day weekend! It was such a treat to go back to our old college stomping grounds but being able to stay in a fancy inn/spa 🙂 Hello Chrysalis! We took the scenic route there, stopping off on Chuckanut Drive for a late lunch. Had a couples massage. Went to dinner at Boundary Bay. Reminisced about when we first started dating. It was the PERFECT getaway.  

Doing: Trying to finish up this darn nursery! We’ve got all of the furniture but the walls are still bare and I need to get some accessories into the mix. I’ve attempted to get a frame, oh say, four times now with no luck and tracking down a lamp has been nearly impossible.

Reading: I know I’m a bit late in the game on this one, but I realized that it never came up in my library cue so I ordered it off of Amazon Prime this week. I’m a quick reader though so hopefully I’ll finish it before she arrives! If anything, it’ll be a good last minute refresher. Ina May is the BOSS. I know a friend of a friend who came into this world by Ina May herself and that was beyond cool to find out. Like whoa.

Eating: A lot. I would say my hunger level these past few weeks has really, really increased. I wake up hungry, snack all day and have to cut myself off before going to bed. I’m trying to keep veggies in the mix, but it’s hard people! My latest craving is anything with cinnamon, which usually boils down to cinnamon rolls. Duh.

Thinking about: What we’re going to name this wild child! We had a name that we both really liked early on then each found separate names that we liked more than the original name but don’t like each others. Does that even make sense? So yeah, three names in the running but only one that’s agreed upon. Hoping we can find one or two more that we both like and we’ll be bringing them all to the hospital with us. It’ll be a game day decision I think!




IMG_0087Just hours after I took this photo, she was no longer here with us. I still can’t believe how quickly it happened. Just three short weeks ago.

Reminding her of the agreement we’d made over the weekend – that the next seizure would be her final one because I wasn’t going to let her suffer anymore.
Holding her on the cool bathroom floor as best I could with a pregnant stomach in the way.
Telling her just how much she meant to me and that it was all going to be OK.
Knowing we needed to get her to the vet ASAP but really not wanting to go.

At the age of 34, you’d figure I’d be used to making all sorts of grown up decisions – buying a home, starting a family, etc. – but making the decision to put a pet down was single handily the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. She went quickly and quietly and as much as I wished we could have done it at home, where she wasn’t confused or afraid, it had to be done. She will always be our first baby.

Call me a bit morbid, but we got her remains back and she sits at the entry to our now quiet home. I light a candle for her every evening if I’m home and give her urn a pat and a goodnight on my way to bed. At some point, we’ll take her down to the ocean but I’m not quite ready to let go just yet. I so wish she could have met our little girl, whose impending arrival has somewhat softened the blow of this huge loss. And though they will never meet, our daughter will always have black and white puppy toys around her, whether she likes it or not 😉

Love you Smells.


Baby sewing projects

FullSizeRender(3)I’ve had some free time on my hands lately and have been scouring etsy for coming home outfits which made me remember that I have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills. Duh! ***Side note: why do all coming home outfits have freaking arrows on them? Please, for the love of god, no more arrows people.

Not sure if I’m ready to tackle an entire outfit, but it did send me into the depths of the internetz to find some easy baby sewing projects that will keep me busy on the weekends. And who knows, maybe I will be ready to try and sew her something to wear by the end of the summer!

So here’s what I’ve been working on. Most were made with scraps of fabric I had collected over the years. Gotta love almost free projects!

Taggie blanket that crinkles! The secret to a good crinkle you ask? Plastic cereal bags. Mind blown.

FullSizeRender(5)Drool bibs! Puppies? Yes. Holiday prints? Yes.

Burp clothes. I think a 5 year old could make these – they were SO easy.

I also have a cute fleece animal ear hat flagged on Pinterest as well as a flannel rag blanket. Oh and headbands. Gotta have the headbands. More to come on those projects soon!




IMG_9705Watching: GoT. And sometimes twice in one week. I mean, why not? Love that show and am more than happy to re-watch with the hubby when he can’t watch it earlier in the week. I have a friend who couldn’t watch it while pregnant because it stressed her out too much. Glad I’m the opposite! It’s like my meditation.

Loving: Actually showing! The first six months of this pregnancy looked like I over indulged at Chipotle #notagoodlook. Happy to finally be rounding out though I suspect that will change around month eight when I’m as large as a blimp. Also loving our new/used car gifted from Adam’s family. I was a tad worried about the car situation with a new baby (ie. that crappy truck) and now we’re all safe and sound with Grandma Roz’s Malibu which came to us all of the way from Florida.

Listening to: BORNS. Saw this band at Sasquatch and loved, loved, loved them. This ‘ish is on repeat.

Doing: Oh just switching doctors midway through our pregnancy! I’d spent the first trimester hella anxious about any and everything that I really didn’t have the brain power to think about our options. Since things have been good so far and we’re hoping for a natural birth, we decided to move to the midwives clinic at Northwest Hospital. It’s a completely different vibe and I’m loving what they are putting out there. I like the idea of being in the hospital but with the option of few interventions. I also love, that unlike an OB, they are there with you at the hospital from the get-go. If it’s a 20+ hour labor, then they are there 20+ hours. Talk about customer service! 

Reading: Parenting without Borders by Christine Gross-Loh. Kinda skipped over the labor and delivery stuff and am super intrigued as to how other cultures raise their children. Kindness, empathy, self-reliance and community? Sign me up. This blog series on motherhood around the world first got me hooked. I suspect this will be re-read in due time.

Eating: Strawberries and sandwiches. Then more strawberries. I haven’t had any real food sensitivities or uber weird cravings at all. Definitely feeling more hungry these days though. Glad that the local farmer’s markets are in full swing and I can get my fruit fix!

Thinking about: How to have a little fun this summer without  getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. We usually do a lot of camping and hiking but have had to cancel those plans. I know Zika isn’t in Washington state, but guys, I get seriously attacked. I can’t imagine 100+ bites being good for my immune system nor the DEET I need to slather on to try and keep them away. So that pretty much keeps us in town for the summer. Sad face.

**Also, how cool is this 3D image of our little one? Oh technology!



The big reveal!

IMG_9536We hosted a little reveal/BBQ for the family a few weekends ago. Being the first grandchild on both sides adds a bit of extra excitement for all so why not make it extra fun!? The hubby and I found out a few days prior to the party then quickly planned everything out for the big reveal. I pulled most of the decor from my event stash and went with the half pink and half blue theme. The peonies came from the yard which was a total win. And I ordered the cake from local bakery, Borracchini’s Bakery. Now this is not your organic, GF cake. This is a straight up old school sugar bomb. I’m still having dreams about this cake…but I digress. Most importantly, we used the cake to reveal the sex of the baby with colored frosting in the middle. We wanted to be sure to add a bit of memory making too so we made all party guests sign the ultrasound photo in either pink or blue depending on what they thought it was. I also printed out baby wish cards for everyone to fill out which will go in the baby book. This lil gal is so loved already!DSC_0372final



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